Following the original definition of a sculpture, working is mainly but not exclusively by hand and from the solid block. The materials preferred are tropical woods but local species are also used. The choice of  a particular piece of wood is often related to the subject and the geometry of the finished work; so the look of the material itself is part of the significance of the sculpture. 

Another aim is what I call „harmony of the shape“. This can best be verified by moving one‘s hand over the body of the sculpture.

Such focus requires a great affection to the material because the creation of a sculpture then becomes rather tedious and time consuming.

My philosophy is to stay away from the commercial art market. All exhibitions are online only; at irregular intervals there will be an online  auction of recent works to be completed by a live auction in the Berlin studio. All funds raised go completely to a social project to be announced in advance.


Based on the tree with it‘s almost perfect cylindrical symmetry three other columns (stelas) were designed, with the symmetry less and less pronounced until it disappears completely. So this shows the metamorphosis of the tree to a vertical piece of art.